EMCA Services in South Africa

The EMCA provides legitimate election processes for sectors of the economy which require such services. The EMCA further offers expert skills for the planning, organising; co-ordination and execution of professional independent private elections. This is achieved this by creating a system of checks and balances that allow for elections processes that are all-inclusive, transparent; above reproach and credible and leave the client and stakeholders content with the result. Our core services include:

  • Elections Consulting Services
  • Branding and profiling of political parties and elections candidates
  • Elections Strategies and Techniques
  • Election Campaign Management Services
  • Procurement of Election Material
  • Elections Strategy Implementation

Even though the EMCA is a newly formed entity, our consultants are former employees by the IEC who held positions as Elections Project Co-ordinators. This means that the EMCA has a wealth of elections management experience that is unparallel to any other similar agencies in the country.

Profiling and Branding

Another role that the EMCA plays on the political landscape in South Africa is to develop branding and profiling of political parties and independent candidates who intend to contest elections or by elections. The Agency also provides services such as development of political party constitutions and policies, development of elections and by-elections manifestoes, advisory services on elections related services.

Third Party Services

We provide a third party service between our client and the IEC and make submissions on their behalf as far as the following processes are concerned:

  • lodging/submitting the application for the registration of political parties at the IEC
  • lodging objections and general communication on behalf of the client with IEC national offices, etc

Regular updating information on behalf of our clients with the IEC

As a specialist professional services company, we have a wealth of experience in handling all elections management, candidate nomination and party registration affairs on behalf of our clients in South Africa.