EMCA Services in Africa

The main aim for the EMCA in Africa is to be able to provide technical assistance and consultative advice to EMBs elections related matters and to establish a foundation that is aimed at unifying elections processes on the continent; to provide solutions and advise on the legislative requirements and IT infrastructure to create environments that allow for free, honest and credible elections, that. The Agency is a business entity that further aims to create employment opportunities for young Africans, who have an interest in pursuing a career in elections management.

African elections are unique and therefore deserve a unique approach. There is no just one blanket approach that can be applied. Therefore, for it becomes imperative for African EMBs to establish mechanisms in place, which allow for better needs analysis and optimized planning and organization. The Agency intends to do that, by creating a cyclical approach to election management and consultancy. Planning for the next general election, must take place immediately after the election, to allow for efficient evaluations of lessons learned. The goal, ultimately, is to equip African EMBs with life skills that they do not always have to rely on outside help to conduct their own elections.

Objectives of EMCA in Africa

  • to be a pioneer in providing innovative elections solutions that take into account the dynamics of the different countries within Africa
  • to provide technical assistance by conducting pre – election needs analysis of the country, offering advise on the technical assistance required before elections and post elections evaluation mechanism
  • to establish a cyclical pattern for elections to allow for better planning for Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) on the continent
  • to conduct a comparative analysis of the various elections legislation in Africa and where possible, harmonise the legislation and processes
  • provide a full service of consultations that can conduct feasibility studies on the requirements for conducting of such elections
  • to mentor and empower EMBs in Africa with the specialized skills they will require in order to be to facilitate, co-ordinate and conduct credible their elections without outside interference
  • to establish a complete system of elections that becomes the legacy of a country instead of providing temporary solutions just before elections
  • assist countries to identify cost effective mechanisms of reducing the cost of elections in Africa
  • provide effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms that can effectively measure the countries readiness to conduct elections in an environment that is conducive and safe for its citizens