Election Campaign Management Services

Developing election and campaign strategies and techniques

The EMCA as an expert elections consulting agency is a specialist in developing election and campaign strategies and techniques to assist election candidates and/or political parties win elections.

Our unique experience in election management and voter education techniques has led us to be able to research and identify voter behavioural techniques which have helped develop effective election campaign management techniques for political parties and election candidates contesting elections. The result has led to sound electioneering and campaign management strategies that are foolproof and are guaranteed to win elections for our candidates.

Country Specific Strategies and Techniques

We develop strategies and techniques that are tailor made to different countries and environments in which we operate. Our strategies are easily adaptable to suit different atmospheres during the campaign trail.

The Agency also takes pride in that, we have our finger on the pulse of technology which allows our clients the opportunity to effectively utilise the information technological advances to their advantage during the campaign. We develop electioneering and campaign strategies that appeal to a wide and dynamic range of the electorate, i.e. men, women, young and old, etc.

Global Best Practises

Our strategies are well researched; include strategic planning and campaign management consultancy which are all in line with global best practises on electioneering and election campaign management.

The extensive experience and capacity the EMCA enjoys in managing complex and large election campaigns mean that the commissioning political parties and/or the presidential election candidates would be in good hands.

The EMCA takes pride in its work - the level of our work is our autograph!